Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Could you put the reference back please??

A Quick Vent:

For my Intro to Bible Study class, a lot of our time is spent in the library looking in different concordances for greek-english words and a lot of other references for related things. Our professor specifically said, "make a copy of the pages you need, and then put it back".

This is for the sake of the other 29 people in the class, so that they may get the book needed and do the assignment themselves. Pretty sure everytime I tried to get the book this weekend, someone had it. FINALLY, today, the day the assignment is due, I found someone who made the copies and I just made copies of their copies, because I STILL couldn't get the book. Oh well, I guess I'm off to do that now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Roomies!!

My roommates are the greatest. We all get along so well, and the dynamics in the room are just right. We have two Type-A and two Type B people, so we compliment each other well, and it is definately sad that it is our last year all together.

From left to right: Erin, Jenny, Rachel, and me, incase you didn't know that was me.
Erin and Jenny are the Type-A's and Rachel and I are the Type B's. If Rachel or I leave late at night, chances are we won't be back for a while, because we will run into people and lose track of time, whereas, Jenny and Erin hang out with people often, but know when it's time to turn in for the night (one of the many examples of Type-A vs. Type-B).

We are crazy. Our residence is Jones 5--WHERE THE PARTY AT! At least, that's the sign in our window (no joke). We love to hang out with one another, have fun, play loud music, have dance parties...it's always good times in Jones 5.

Even though we're a crazy room, we know that there is time for academia, and we all challenge each other to think in new ways and help each other to keep on task.

Of course, we can't be serious for long. Someone always ends up breaking the ice.
I really didn't mean for this to be a story, but we were taking all of these pics for our new group on FACEBOOK, so I felt that I should use these since they are good pics. Anyway, those are my roommates. I love you Jones 5!!!

Watergate Speaker

Chuck Colson, who was formerly involved in the Watergate Scandle with Richard Nixon will be speaking at our campus tomorrow night. Chuck has since turned from his watergate days, and is involved in Breakpoint and prison ministries. He has a lot to offer on modern thinking of Christianity, and it will be a priviledge to hear him. I actually have to sing there with one of the choirs I'm in, plus, I get extra credit in my philosophy class for going, but I would go even if those things weren't present. I'll blog on what I learn later this week.

I have been keeping pretty busy. My class load is a heavy one, and I have found the library for solitude and study. I cannot read in my bedroom. There are too many other distractions. I used to think that I needed noise present to be able to concentrate, but I have found that I really need complete silence to fully understand what I'm reading (hence, the self-diagnosed A.D.D.). I absolutely love my classes, particularily my philosophy and bible study classes, because I am learning so much useful information in them.

I have the opportunity to go see Switchfoot this weekend, except for the fact that they scheduled me at work!! I am frantically trying to find my way out of work, because Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands. I have seen them in concert once, and would love to see them this weekend!! Hopefuly I can get this figured out.


Sunday, September 18, 2005


This is a very recent picture of my niece and nephew (from left to right), Gabriella Noelle, and Johnathon Richard. I have been away at school for less than a month, and already they look so different! I miss them so much!!

My school finally has The Facebook. It is out of control. I went outside to talk on the phone tonight, and no one was outside. Everyone was on their computers, sending out friend requests, and receiving them. Hopefully this will die down in the next few days.

I have some surprising news that will unfold in the next week or so. Stay tuned for that.

That's all I have to say.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

completely pardoned

"My sin, o the bliss of this glouious thought;
my sin, not in part but the whole;
is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
praise the Lord, praise the Lord, o my soul!"
-From,It Is Well, H.G. Spafford

We sang this hymn in chapel today and as I was playing the piano, I felt so overwhelmed, I almost stopped playing! Just to think about all of my wrong-doings being payed for, the burden off of me, way before I even committed them! It is amazing to me to think how Christ knew me while He was on that cross; and to think that each of us crossed his mind during that time is incredible. I know this is something I have been taught since I was a little girl, but the complexity is still there. Not just some of the sins that I committed are taken care of, but even the sins I have yet to committ! There's motivation to try to stop sinning right there, although proved impossible in its efforts except by one..the one.

I don't really know what I am getting at in this, but I am still overwhelmed by that song today.

Monday, September 12, 2005

God and Philosophy

Last night I was finishing up my reading for my philosophy class, I stumbled upon a section that captivated me.
"The world is not composed of religious and nonreligious people. It is composed rather of religious people who have differing ultimate concerns and different gods and who respond to the living God in different ways,"
-From "Life's Ultimate Questions", Nash.

I have always known that we are not to put things above God (other gods) such as money, success, or power, but I have never really thought about those who do not believe in a higher power, possessing their own religion. Everyone believes in something, and all people have something that concerns them ultimately. Whatever that object of ultimate concern is, that is their god, and that will have an enormous effect on whatever that person does or believes. I just hope that whatever my words or actions are, that I am reflecting on who my God is.

The Atheist lives their life according to their belief that there is no god, and his actions are based on that. BUT, THOSE OF US WHO ARE CHRISTIANS LIVE IN HOPE!! As a result of this why can't we be who we say we are? Why are we often called hypocrites?

One great philosopher (Dave) said, "Don't just do it. BE IT"!!
He was saying that actions alone will get us nowhere, if they are not accompanied with actually being who we say we are. People can see right through this, and if people can see this, don't you think God can?? I know that actually BEING a Christian is a high and difficult calling, but the atheist lives their life according to their belief, and it seems like we should be able to as well, because we have God to help us along the way.

We should be in constant prayer for our words and actions, that through them, God will be seen.

Ok, I'm off that sermon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Captivated by soap boxes and poker

As I did my Intro to Bible Study homework, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I had to purchase colored pencils for this assignment and others to come, because we are using colors and codes to tear the scripture apart (we aren't literally tearing the scripture apart, but rather, finding out what it really says). I finished my assignment, and I was thinking about the tone of our class.

I feel a little intimidated in there, because it is mostly guys in our class. It's almost annoying, because when someone makes an interesting comment, or sounds knowledgeable, there are others in the class that are almost mad, because either they do not see it that way, or they wished they would have thought of it first. IT'S A BIBLE STUDY CLASS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! We are there to find new ways to interpret scripture, which will not only help us in our own individual studies, but also if we lead Bible studies, we can go from a different perspective. People in my class need not get jealous or mad of the ones that know just as much as they, or more, because that's how we learn from each other. It's the type of class where interaction is important. If we do not have people offering their thoughts, the class will not succeed. Everyone needs to share, and although they may not be right, it's just one of the many differences of opinion in the Bible. There are the grounded facts that can not be argued or altered, but there are things that really do not matter, and will not further us in the Kingdom of God whether we are right or wrong.

**Steps off soap-box**

I just bought the book Captivating last night, for 50% off!!! I have been wanting to read this book for some time, and I really should have started it in the summer when I had more time. I am excited for what I am about to learn from this, because I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this book. I think Jacquie is also reading it, so I hope to be able to compare thoughts with her, or anyone else that is reading it.

I am having serious poker withdrawal. I was supposed to play the other night with some frat boys, but they ended up not being able to play; most likely because it's rush week. My game is Texas Hold'Em, and I need to find people that will play. I think most likely I will find guys, because these southern bells do not play. That's ok, my friend Fox told me I'm "one of the guys" anyway. Great. Just what I always wanted to be called by a guy.

That's it for now.

Friday, September 02, 2005

constantly learning

I absolutely adore my sister. I am very glad that she is here, and I think it will be even better throughout the semester to have one of my best friends here. She is fitting in quite nicely. My roommates like her, her roommates like her, and she is enjoying it very much.

I almost envy her start here. Not that I'm someone great or anything, but she at least knows me, and already knew some of my friends before she started here, so she eased in quite nicely. I started here not knowing a soul, except from phone conversations to and from my enrollment counselor. I had the opportunity to start anew, but I had a lot of things to learn in this time. I had to find my own church, find a way of working where I could at least walk there if no one was there to drive me, and become someone who can meet new people and find a sense of belonging.

I have always struggled with belonging. I am easily intimidated, and usually feel like everyone else in the vacinity of me is a lot more intelligent than me. The many times that happens, I usually get really quiet, which may seem to others that I am an introvert. I am an introvert in uncomfortable situations, or when I don't feel intelligent enough to contribute to conversation. I am an extrovert when I can be myself fully, and not caring about what others think. In essence, I am what they call an "ambivert" which is a combination of the two. When I'm with others, I try to find conversation that is equal, in which we can both contribute, instead of ranting about how rhythm defines and is the key to Beethoven's 5th. Anyway, this is a huge rabbit's trail to what I was originally going to say, so I'm going to get back on track (that was my self-diagnosed ADD talking).

My sister (Sarah) is someone who can be herself in almost any situation. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and what others think do not effect who she is. Sometimes I think she should be older than me, because she really takes care of me. When I have a battle to fight, and I'd rather not contribute, Sarah is right there to help me. Sometimes, I wonder if she should have been at this school before me. She is so good at being who she is, and she could've helped me with my insecurities as I entered college life. It took me a while to find a place of belonging here, not because I wasn't welcome, but because I was reluctant to put myself out there, in fear of being shot down. Sarah could have been there to encourage me like she does, and she unverbally always lets me know that I am ok just the way I am (we usually stay away from the mushy stuff).

But...even though it seems like Sarah should be the older sister...I am. God has been putting these very uncomfortable situations in my path to show me that I can lean on him, and he will bring me through it...maybe even make a leader out of me one day. He is teaching me to be assertive in a proper way, and I am hopefully becoming the person I was set out to be. I have been out of my comfort zone a great deal this year, and I just want God to "bring it on", because I'd rather be in an uncomfotable place with God's presence than to be in a place "where everybody knows my name" and not have God.